When you purchase a vehicle, its important to maintain it the same way you would any other investment. Ensuring longevity and reliability for your vehicle with good preventative maintenance will save you both time and money over the life of your car or your time of ownership. At the Pit Stops, we offer services that meet manufactureres requirements for regular and severe maintenance, as well as mechanical repairs that may come along unexpectedly. Don't know where to start- not a problem. Our knowledgable and expierienced service technicians have the tools an resources to see where your vehicle is at in its needs for required routine maintance. For oils, fluids, filters, and brakes, and everything in between, we've got you covered.

      Tune Up's & Brakes

Does your gasoline, hybrid, or diesel vehicle feel like it’s not performing as it should? Slightly sluggish or a noticeable lack of power? Are you using more fuel than normal, or just getting inconsistent fuel mileage? Is it taking longer to stop at lights or signs? Spongy or unresponsive brake pedal?

As your vehicle adds up the miles from your daily routine or those weekend road trips, parts start to wear and deposits start to build inside your engine, greatly effecting that performance and reliability of your vehicle. At the Pit Stops, we offer a plethora of different services to keep you safely and efficiently going about your daily business. Weather its picking kids up from school or a quick drive to the store, we are here to save you time and money along the way.

We offer:

-Complete brake system services, from Pads to hydraulics-

With premium parts in the hands of skilled technicians, we can:

  • Replace Brake pads & Shoes

  • Replace Brake Rotors & Drums

  • Replace Calipers and Wheel Cylinders

  • Replace Brake hardware and Lines

  • Flush and bleed brake systems

  • Replace master cylinders and brake boosters

  • Diagnose and service ABS systems and components

-Complete tune up and engine management services, all engines, and top to bottom-

With the most up to date diagnostic equipment and service tools we can:

  • Replace Spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition coils, ignition system components sensors, and ignition modules.

  • Diagnose Check engine lights, ABS lights, and Airbag lights.

  • Check ignition timing and correlation (where applicable)

  • Service, repair, or replace electronic engine management components and sensors

  • Test, repair, and service fuel systems, both carbureted or fuel injected

  • Replace PCM’s and relative components

  • Inspect, service, or repair Timing belts & Chains, and all relative components

  • Fuel injection system cleaning

       Fluids & Filters

Weather it’s by months or miles, it’s imperative to ensure that your vehicles Engine oil and filter isn’t the only lubricant or fluid you pay attention to. Your vehicle is comprised of a symbiotic orchestra of integral mechanical systems and components that rely heavily on the necessity of everything working independently to contribute to the overall operability of your car or truck. Every vehicle has different needs and requirements pertaining to its fluid and lubricant service and maintenance needs. Our technicians can see where your vehicle is at in its fluid and lubricant service requirements by checking their physical condition for wear, or by using your vehicles mileage to correlate with the manufactures recommended intervals for service.


Weather a Diesel or Gasoline vehicle, and aside from changing your engine oil and filter, our technicians can also service and change:

  • Automatic Transmission / Transaxle fluid & filters

  • Manual Transmission / Transaxle fluid

  • Radiator fluid / antifreeze

  • Power steering fluid

  • Differential & Final Drive fluid

  • Transfer Case fluid

  • Brake Fluid

  • Auxiliary cooler fluid (Hybrid vehicles)

  • Fuel Filters, diesel or gasoline vehicles

  • Air filters

  • Serpentine / V- belts and components

  • In line fluid & oil filters

  • Vehicle lighting system bulbs

  • Batteries

  • Engine flush service

  • Wiper blades

       Steering & Suspension

Stability and control are literally the “nuts and bolts” of what keeps you in control and safely on the road. Overtime the components of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems begin to wear, and will require preventative maintenance service and repair to mitigate the risk of catastrophic system failure. With your safety in mind, Pit Stop is proud to offer free steering, suspension, and drivetrain system inspections to our customers to ensure that you’re good to go and always in control.

Once in the shop, and if needed, we can repair and replace common steering and suspension system components such as:

  • Shock & Struts

  • Control arms

  • Ball Joints

  • Tie rods, inner & outer

  • Sway bar links and mounts

  • Pittman & idler arms

  • Torsion Bars & mounts

  • Steering Rack and pinions & Steering gearboxes

  • Wheel bearings and hub assemblies

  • Leaf Springs

  • Air Shocks

  • Knuckles & spindles

  • C-V axles and Half-Shafts

Got something else in mind like a new stance or a lift? Not a Problem! Here at the Pit Stop, we will gladly install performance upgrade or customer provided aftermarket parts, such as:

  • Lift kits

  • Lowering kits

  • Camber kits

  • Coil overs

  • Air-Ride to Springs Coil & strut conversions

  • Wheel Spacers

  • Heavy or severe duty suspension components

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