Mechanical breakdown and the necessity for repair is inevitable during the life and ownership of any vehicle, but ensuring the repair is done right and with quality parts is one thing that we assure we can do to help alleviate the stress and headache when it happens. Not only can we repair your problem, but we offer free diagnostics to ensure that we fix it right the first time. Our experienced technicians and mechanics are more than capable of handling any fix, from light bulbs to engine work, we’ve got you covered.  

Here at the Pit Stop, we offer these mechanical repair services, and more:

  • Digital Vehicle diagnostics

  • Compression testing

  • Fuel system diagnostics and repair

  • Serpentine and timing belts

  • Engine gasket services, top & bottom end

  • Oil Seals and gaskets

  • Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets

  • Distributors and electronic ignition systems

  • Tune up services

  • Engine management sensors and components

  • Suspension and steering system diagnosis and repair

  • Complete Brake System Diagnosis and repair

  • Drive train and transmission service and repair


     As technology changes and the unique needs of the automotive industry grow, we're here to ensure we meet them head on with parts, repairs, and solutions to keep you on the road and without worry. Our technicians are trained and kept up to date with the most current and accurate information as well as technical requirements for all vehicles, both new and past, to ensure we provide nothing less than the best service and repairs for your time and money. Utilizing state of the art and industry leading software such as All Data Pro® and PM Attendant®, we not only can ensure we provide accurate & professional service and repair, we can keep up to date with your vehicle's recall and technical service updates, too, allowing us to keep you ahead of the curve regarding the reliability and maintenance & repair needs of your vehicle. We offer a multitude of services and repairs so you only have to make one stop for all of your automotive service and repair needs.




Knock Knock isn’t a joke when it comes to the sounds that your engine makes, and it’s definitely not ever anything anyone wants to hear when they’re driving down the road. Weather its overheating, strange sounds, or anything in between, normal wear and tear is part of owning a vehicle. As you rack up the miles, we can help you make sure cost and stress aren’t racked up with them.


We offer cost efficient and reliable repairs to meet your needs, to include, but not limited to:

  • Cooling system diagnosis and repair

  • Water pump, thermostat, and radiator replacement

  • Head gaskets

  • Timing belt, chain, and component replacement

  • Engine gaskets and seals

  • Sensors

  • Switches

  • Engine diagnostics and testing

  • Engine replacement*

  • Oil pans

  • Main Seals

  • Pulleys & balancers

  • Charging system diagnosis and repair


Transmision & Transaxle Maintenance & Repair

Aside from your engine, nothing on your vehicle works harder than your transmission. Constantly stopping and going, it’s important to ensure that regular fluid and filter services are made a priority. Next to the engine, a transmission is the second most costly item to replace, but with preventative maintenance and care, that costly nightmare can be avoided. Ensuring that your transmission fluid is maintained is just as important as regular oil changes.


We offer:

  • Complete transmission flush and fluid replacement

  • Transmission Filter & gasket replacement

  • Cooler line and hose replacement

  • Speed sensor replacement

  • Shift  / selector cable replacement

  • Manual transmission fluid service

  • Clutch bleeding and hydraulic component replacement service

  • Clutch Replacement*  

  • Axle replacement

  • Axle and output shat seal replacement


Something Else, perhaps?
Didn’t see what you were looking for? Not a problem! We are poised to do our best to meet your automotive service and repair needs, so if you couldn’t find a specific repair or service you were looking for please use the “Contact Us” link in our “Locations” tab to reach out and let us know how we can help you.



There’s nothing worse than turning your key only to hear nothing in response. Over time, your vehicle’s electrical system will require preventative maintenance and repair to ensure it cranks with every turn of the key. It’s also important that your vehicle’s lighting system is kept up to par as well, because let’s face it, aside from being able to see in the dark, no one wants to get pulled over for having a head or tail light out.

We happily and readily can:

  • Replace and test Batteries

  • Test and replace Alternators

  • Check and replace fuses

  • Inspect and replace light bulbs

  • Diagnose lighting, charging , and electrical system faults

  • Inspect and replace starters

  • Inspect and replace ignition switches


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